Beyourself Handbook

The Be Yourself Dimensions Bible, or how we measure our clothing.

Pants, skirts, leggings etc.

An example would be xs size trousers

Belt 62 cm to 82 cm
Hips 76 cm to 92 cm
Belt 62 cm (waist circumference without stretching). Otherwise 36cm x2
Belt up to 82 cm, which means that the belt stretches (circumference) a maximum of 82 cm, i.e. measured flat, it stretches up to 41×2 cm

Likewise the hips
76 cm circumference, i.e. 38×2
They extend up to 92 cm in circumference, i.e. 46×2

For dimensions, please measure the place on the body according to the condition of the selected pants.

The length from the crotch is the inside leg length

The total length is measured from the waist of the pants to the end of the leg on the outside of the pants.

Sweaters, blouses, coats etc.

An example is an XL blouse.

Bust 110 cm to 130 cm
This means that the circumference is 110 cm and the product measured flat is 55 cm x2
Up to 130 cm means that the product is suitable up to 130 cm in circumference, i.e. 65 cm x 2 from armpit to armpit.
Please take into account that the more the product is stretched, the more it will lose length.
If your bust circumference is 90 cm, the blouse will not be close to your body, it will be a looser model.
If your bust measurement is 120 cm, the blouse will be a model close to the body.

We measure the length of the insole inside the shoe.

One size fits all – please see the dimensions of the bust.
Different products have different dimensions.

Clothing dimensions +/- 2-3 cm